May, 14 2018 Minutes


May ???14, 2018

In attendance: Jared Rutberg, Ken Gaylord, Anne Laster, Kathy Morgan, Billy Fortson, Jim Weadick

  1. Jared Rutberg called the meeting to order prior to the Master Plan Presentation at 4:30
    • Guests: ?None
  2. Financial Report ? Anne Laster will deliver update at June Meeting
  3. Motion to pay outstanding invoices as presented ? Ken Gaylord
    • Second ?Billy Fortson
    • Vote ? Passed by unanimous vote
  4. Kathy Morgan
    • Must vote on Millage rate for advertisement at June meeting, will need a quorum at that meeting.
  5. Motion to Adjourn to Master Plan Presentation ?? Jared Rutberg
    • Second ?Anne Laster
    • Vote ? Passed by unanimous vote


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