CIDs are local government entities authorized by the local and state governments. A CID is a mechanism for funding certain governmental services including street and road construction and maintenance, parks and recreation, stormwater and sewage systems, water systems, public transportation systems, and other services and facilities. The administrative body of the CID is a Board of Directors which consists of both elected board members and appointed board members. The Board may levy taxes, fees, and assessments within the CID, not to exceed 2.5 percent of the assessed value of the real property. These taxes are then used to provide services and fund improvements for the CID.
The Hwy 278 CID currently includes the property owners on the north and south sides of Hwy 278 from Exit 90 on the west side of Covington to the other east side of the GA-142 intersection. However, any property owner contiguous to the current CID boundaries can request to become a part of the CID.
The Hwy 278 CID exists to improve the Hwy 278 corridor. These improvements include raising property values, beautification, improve safety including bicyclists and pedestrians, etc… You can find more information here Projects.
The CID votes and selects an ad valorem millage rate assessed on the properties on the corridor, excluding residential. See Millage Notice. The CID also is eligible for state and federal grants and asks for appropriations from the city and county.
Since Hwy 278 is a state highway, there are many steps to accomplish before the visible projects can take place. However, the CID has completed the first step of creating a Master Plan and is now waiting for the completion of the traffic analysis before moving forward.
The Hwy 278 CID Board has monthly meetings that are open to the public for feedback and input. You can like and follow the Hwy 278 Facebook Page for the time and date of these meetings and any other potential events the CID may have.
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