HWY. 278  CID BOARD MINUTES – 3/8/18


  1. Call to order-Jimmy Tanner, 
    • Guests: Angela, Serra Hall, Jerry Bouchillon
  2. Chairman’s Report – J. Tanner
  3. Jarel – Small Businessman of the Year (Newton Chamber)
    • “ProQuick Lube”
  4. Sam Hay – Thanks for presentation at Newton Chamber
  5. Financial Report – Anne Laster
    • Motion to Approve – Sam Hay
    • Second – Ken Gaylord
    • Vote – Unanimous Approval (expenditures and payment of current obligations)
  6. Secretary’s report
    • Motion – Anne Laster
    • Second – Jared Rutberg
    • Approval – Unanimous Vote
  7. (Approval for 2/18/18 CID minutes)
  8. Kathy Morgan – Administrator
    • Meeting will be at 12:30 p.m. on 3/19 (Center) with Thomas and Hutton on master plan
    • Exit 90 – West Gateway
      • $95K – Design and Engineering costs
      • $805K – Construction Cost
    • Meeting Plan Update
    • City council update with Mayor and Leigh Anne Knight
    • Newton BOC Meeting (2/20/18)
    • GDOT Grant – Beautification Projects
      • $800K – (amount of grant)  80/20 match
    • Floyd Street
      • $50K – design and engineer cost
      • $100K – Construction costs
    • Highway 278 (Next to Ohco)
      • $50K – design and engineer cost
      • $100K – construction cost
    • Studies:
      • Traffic counts
      • Environmental
    • ARC Grant – 80/20 match for studies (above)
    • City – will do $80K for next year per mayor , but will require county to match city contribution dollar for dollar (no “earmarks”  necessary)
    • County – will be likely to do $50K and will require “earmarks” for project construction not for design or studies
    • “STIP” – State transportation improvement projects (per Kathy)
  9. NOTES:
    • Revenue to CID (Annually):
    • $155k – taxes (CID)
    • City – $50K
    • County – $50K
    • Total approximately $200K (annually)
  10. Kathy Morgan
    • Prepare a “bullet point” outline or steps to (costs and grants)
    • Master Plan (cost to complete)
    • Studies needed (cost)
    • Projects:
      • Options (small – med – large)
      • Costs
  11. Notes and Design/Engineering and Construction
    • Grants (GDOT, ARC, NEGA, Tiger, etc.)
  12. Deadline – May meeting
    • Bylaws
    • Board Members
    • Administrator job
  13. June Meeting
    • Bylaws
    • Board Members and administrator
    • Job descriptions
  14. Motion to adjourn – Jared
    • Second – Jimmy
    • Vote – unanimous


 CID MEETING – 2/8/18
Time: Noon
Location: The Center
2104 Washington St., Covington, Ga. 30014

In Attendance: Jared Rutberg, Ken Gaylord, Jimmy Tanner, Sam Hay, Gil Gainer, Kathy Morgan

Guests: Serra Hall

  1. Call the Meeting to Order – Jimmy Tanner
  2. Sign in before leaving
  3. Welcome & Introductions
    • Recognition of any guests and elected officials
  4. Board Reports:Chairman
    • Financial Report (provided by Chairman in lieu of Treasurer)
    • Financial Update
    • Invoices to be paid
    • Confirm actions and consent to authorize payment
    • Motion by Ken Gaylord and seconded by Jared Rutberg to confirm actions and authorize payment. Passed by Unanimous Vote.
  5. Secretary’s Report:
    • Minutes January 12, 2018 Meeting: Motion to approve by Jared Rutberg, seconded by Ken Gaylord. Passed by Unanimous Vote.
  6. Master Plan RFP/RFQ – Kathy Morgan
  7. City Council Update Feb. 5th and Stakeholder Meetings
  8. NCBOC Update Feb. 20th Need CID Board’s Attendance
  9. Changes to Master Plan Draft – Discussed roundabouts added by GDOT request
  10. Governance and Operating Procedures – Moved to future meeting.
  11. Bylaws
  12. Job Description for Board Members
  13. Job Description for Permanent Administrator
  14. Updates by Administrator
  15. Chamber Dinner – New Date is March 1st.
  16. Budget Request for 2018/2019 due NC BOC Feb 21st
    • Much discussion among all board members. The consensus reached was to ask for delay in providing specific appropriation amount until Master Plan is finished (with next steps indicated). Suggested the Administrator also advise the BOC members during her presentation that a minimum request of $50,000, plus project specific requests, would be forthcoming.
  17. Economic Value Impact of CID status update – Kathy Morgan.
  18. Executive Session (if necessary). None needed.
  19. Public Comments (2 minute limit). None received.
  20. Motion to adjourn by Gil Gainer and seconded by Ken Gaylord. Passed by Unanimous Vote.

CID MEETING 1/11/2018

Jimmy Tanner – Welcome
In attendance: Jared Rutberg, Ken Gaylord, Sam Hay, Anne Laster, Kathy Morgan, Gil Gainer

  1. Guests: Jerry Bouchillon, Jim Weadick
  2. Financial Report – Anne Laster

    Motion to pay outstanding invoices – Gil Gainer Second – Jared Rutberg
    Vote – Passed by unanimous vote

    $77,483.43 Balance (after paying bills)

  3. Secretary Report – Gil Gainer
    Motion to Approve 11/9/17 Board Minutes – Ken Gaylord Second – Jared Rutberg
    Vote – Passed by unanimous vote
  4. Kathy Morgan
    1. Reported on meeting, 12/4/17, with stakeholders
    2. Reported on meeting, 12/10/17, with Halpern Representatives

      Jack Halpern Steve West

    • –  Receptive to round-about design
    • –  Receptive to connectivity of Newton Plaza and Covington Corners
    • –  Office/retail – day time business with residential above
    • –  NOTE: Kroger will have to approve any changes to shopping center

c. Reported on GDOT meeting, 12/20/17
– Suggested there may be a need for 7 roundabouts

Suggested/supported 35 mph speed limit along the corridor Reviewed briefly the requirements of Tigor Grants – Federal funding (sunset 2020)

T-Grants – state and federal funding d. Summer/Fall 2018:

  • –  Begin/Choose a beginning first project
  • –  Need master plan completed and GDOT input (recommendations/requirements of both)
    1. Reminded of Next Work Session – BOC 2/20/18 – date
    2. Next CID Board Meeting – 2/8/18 (Noon)

5. Motion to Adjourn – Ken Gaylord Second – Sam Hay
Vote – Passed by unanimous vote

Attendees:  Ken Gaylord, Jared Rutberg, Sam Hay, Anne Laster, Gil Gainer, Kathy Morgan

Guests: Jim Weadick, Taylor Morrison (Council for Quality Growth)


Kathy Morgan, CID Administrator, called the meeting to order in the absence of Jimmy Tanner, CID Chairman.  Greeted everyone and introduced guest, Taylor Morrison, with the Council for Quality Growth

Anne Laster gave Financial Report and presented 2 items for payment (1) salary check for the Administrator; and (2) invoice for reimbursement to Economic Development Dpt. for cost of lunches provided to representatives of Thomas & Hutton at the last meeting.

Motion to authorize payment of 2 items presented during Financial Report – Gil Gainer

Seconded – Jared Rutberg

Motion carried by unanimous vote

Secretary Report provided by Gil Gainer.

Motion to approve minutes from CID meetings held on 9/14/17, 10/3/17 & 10/19/17 – Anne Laster

Seconded – Sam Hay

Motion carried by unanimous vote


Kathy Morgan reviewed agenda items and open discussion followed.  Discussion included recommendation by Kathy to meet with representatives of various utilities in anticipation of need to move utilities over the course of CID activities (and/or re-development) along the Hwy. 278 CID corridor.  Also, recommended board members meet with various stakeholders to inform and update them on CID activities.  Upcoming Chamber dinner will also provide opportunities for “spreading the word” on the CID’s vision, activities and need for Chamber/Community support.


Next CID Meeting will be in January, 2018. Kathy Morgan will circulate and publish date.

Motion to adjourn – Sam Hay

Seconded – Gil Gainer

Motion carried by unanimous vote.